• Ocean Park


    <正> Ocean Park,on the southern side of Hong Kong Island,isSoutheast Asia's largest oceanarium and Hong Kong'spremier theme park.Ocean Park's 87-hectare site in-cludes Water World and Middle Kingdom,a Chinese cultural vil-lage that recreates 5 000 years of Chinese history.

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  • The Garden

    Frank Bass;


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  • Hundred Years of Humiliation to Be Wiped Away in a Single Day


    <正> August 29th of 1842was a very humiliat-ing day to the Chinesepeople.On that day 155 yearsago,there assembled over 80British naval vessels flyingflags of Great Britain on the

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  • Sino-British Talks over Hong Kong Problem


    <正> In March 1979,during his meeting with British HongKong Governor Murray Maclehose,Mr.Deng Xiaopingfor the first time directly presented China's principledposition on the question of Hong Kong to the British side.Andthen,in September 1982,Margaret Thatcher visited China as the

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  • Goodbye to All That

    <正> In July,Hong Kong will revert to China,bringing to aclose a shameful chapter of British and Chinese history.China still has scars from the last century,when it wasrepeatedly raided by foreign powers,so the country rejoices in thereturn of Hong Kong.As for Britain,it apparently lacks any

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    <正> Qin dynasty(221-207 BC) Hong Kong was part of Pan Yu(番禺)county.Ming and Qing dynasties Hong Kong was under the adminis-tration of Bao An county.26 January,1841 A British naval landing party hoisted the

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  • Responsibilities of the CE


    <正> While it is agreat hon-our to befirst chief executiveof the Hong KongSpeical Administra-tive Region,it is al-

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    <正> Attempts to describe Hong Kong usually evolve into a listof superlatives:the territory is one of the world'slargest banking centers,its people the world's biggestper-capita consumers of cognac.It has produced the world'slongest series of films(over 100 series) and the longest outdoor

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  • No More Bargains Comparisons in U.S.dollars


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  • The Structure and Development of Hong Kong's Economy


    <正> Hong Kong has a deep-water harbour and is strategicallylocated on the international time zone between Asia andEurope.It is close to China and has strong traditionallinks with the Southeast Asian economies.Hong Kong also has a

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    <正> Hong Kong's English name is derived from two Chinesecharacters,Heung and Gong,usually translated as"Fragrant Harbour".Originally it was only the name ofa small settlement near Aberdeen,the main fishing and entrepotport on Hong Kong Island many years ago.Some historians sug-

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  • The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens


    <正> The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens occupya 5.35-hectare site overlooking Government House,andform the oldest and one of the most popular public gar-dens in the territory.They were established between 1861 and1871,divided by Albany Road.The old garden,on the east side

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  • Getting Around with Putonghua in Hong Kong



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  • Do you know?


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  • Studying in Hong Kong after Song Geng

    after Song Geng;xiong Deni;

    <正> Even before I camehere,the name HongKong was only too fa-miliar to me.Hong Kongfilms,WV plays,music tapes.of pop singers,posters and ad-vertisements of Hong Kong

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  • 我遇到的最好的老师

    赵冉;David Owen;

    <正> 惠特森先生教六年级的自然课。第一堂课,他给我们讲了一种无法适应冰期气候而灭绝的夜行性动物,叫作"乌有猫"。他边讲边让我们传看一个头盖骨。我们都作了笔记,随后还进行了一次测验。

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  • 芯片给盲人带来光明

    陈远;Carl Franklin;

    <正> 美国科研人员正在研究将微型芯片植于人的视网膜上,使视觉信息传递给大脑。星舟公司有一个盲人工程师,他通过一个电子装置能"看见"东西。这个装置的照相机能通过植入在这个人的太阳穴里面的一对东西把图象输入大脑。

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    <正> Montague Rhodes James was born near Bury St Edmunds,England in 1862 and died in 1936.He was a very intelli-gent man,who studied many different subjects,such ashistory,languages and the Bible.He enjoyed reading

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  • James Thurber——Four Fables for Our Time


    <正> James Thurber(1894—1961)was an American writer and artistwho worked for the New Yorker magazine,and published a num-ber of books.He is widely regarded as one of the greatest modernkumorists.In his‘Fables For Our Time’(1940),he adapts the

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  • The Little Girl and the Wolf

    <正> One afternoon a big wolfwaited in a dark forestfor a little girl to come a-ong carrying a basket of food toner grandmother.Finally a littlegirl did come along and she wasarrying a basket of food.‘Are

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  • The Shrike and the Chipmunks

    <正> Once upon a time therewere two chipmunks,a male and a female.The male chipmunk thoughtthat arranging nuts in artisticpatterns was more fun than justpiling them up to see how manyyou could pile up.The femalewas all for piling up as many as

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  • The Rabbits who Caused All the Trouble

    <正> Within the memory of theyoungest child there wasa family of rabbits wholived near a pack of wolves.Thewolves announced that they didnot like the way the rabbits wereliving.(The wolves were crazyabout the way they themselves

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  • The Unicorn in the Garden

    <正> Once upon a sunny morning a man who sat in a breakfastnook looked up from his scrambled eggs to see a whiteunicorn with a gold horn quietly cropping the roses in thegarden.The man went up to the bedroom where his wife was

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  • 语法通信(八十四)


    <正> 亲爱的读者:你们好!最近有一位读者来信问到:who 在什么情况下可以代替 whom。关于这个问题,许多年来,一直都是有争议的。我们的初步看法是:作为疑问代词,在非正式英语中,主格 who 确是常可代替宾格 whom,例如:(1)Who do you trust?

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  • 谐趣常出于“歧义”——试析英语幽默会话中的歧义现象


    <正> 在用英语交际时,为了避免造成歧义,说话者要力求使用明白晓畅的英语,尽量不用一些含义模糊的语句。如果使用的话语可以产生两种或多种解释,我们通常称之为"歧义现象"(Ambiguity)。语言的"歧义现象"常常会妨碍交际顺利进行。试分析下面两句经常被引用的容易引起歧义的句子:

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  • More Than的用法举例


    <正> 英语中 more than 连用时,后可跟形容词,副词,名词,动词。这个结构的特点是 more 具有强调语气的作用,其含义是 more than 之后的词语或句子不足以反映实际情况。汉译时,常译"非但……尤其是","不仅仅……","……绰绰有余","大大地","非常","很","简直","不止"等字眼才能较准确地表达原意。笔者按其后面所跟的词语,归纳列举如下:

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  • Otherwise一词的用法及翻译


    <正> Otherwise 一词用得相当普遍,翻开词典,我们就知道它既可作形容词,又可作副词,还可作连词使用,最常见的也是它作连词的时候,如:Go home,otherwise your mother will worry.回家吧,否则你母亲会担心的。但是,otherwise 还常用作形容词和副词.在作形容词和副词时,有时不大好理

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  • 浅谈POLYSEMY,HOMONYMY在外贸英语中的运用


    <正> 一位教授曾转述一位美国律师讲的案例:在我国某地发生过这样一件事,一外商与我方某公司签订合同,欲购买一批中国水果,合同写明为"orange",我方即按照自己的理解,出口了一批又大又红的桔,外商却说那不是"orange",是"tangerine"拒绝接收,使我方蒙受了巨大经济损失。显而易见,这笔生意的失败就在于对"orange"这个单词的不同理解。《牛

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  • Return还是Revert——从香港的“回归”看词语中的政治倾向


    <正> 随着1997年7月1日的临近,"香港回归"逐渐成为中外媒体中出现频率颇高的词汇。比较中外的英文报刊,可以发现对"权力移交"的表述除了几种共同的表达法,如:transition,transfer,takeover 和 handover 以外,还有两种不同的表达法,即 return 和 revert/reversion。这两个词均有"收回"之意,但政治内

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  • 广告语言漫谈


    <正> "广告"一词源于拉丁语 advertere,意为"唤起大众对某种事物的注意,并诱导于一定的方向所使用的一种手段"。著名的美国市场营销协会(American Marketing Association 即 AMA)给广告下了这样的定义:Advertising is the nonpersonal communication of information usually paid

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  • “红”意有别,译法各异


    <正> 学英语的人一见到汉语的"红"字会马上想到英文的"red"。如:"红旗"——red flag,"红苹果"——red apple,"红绸舞"——red silk dance"红十字会"——the Red Cross 等。但"红"字远非一个"red"所能表达。如果我们照搬,将"红人"译成"red man","红运"翻成"red luck"就完全错了。要解释这样译为什么错了,就涉及到语言与文化的关系问题。一个国家的语言总是

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  • Energy Resources


    <正> 1.Read the passages below and the sentences that follow.Changethe words (in the sentences)in bold print,according to the infor-mation in the passages.Coal.It was coal that produced the engergy to run the facto-ries of the first big industrial countries,such as Britain and Ger-many.Coalminers worked long hard hours in cold dark coalmines

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    <正> 迟到、早退是 Trafalgar Products 公司生产部门目前常见的现象,严重影响了公司的生产效率。因此,执行董事召集各部门经理商讨解决此事的方法,以提高工人的劳动积极性。

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  • Wedded Blitz

    <正> As U.S.tourists in Israel,my husband and I were sittingoutside a Bethlehem souvenir shop,waiting for fellowtourists.An Arab salesman approached us,arm loadedwith belts.After an impassioned sales talk yielded no re-sults,he asked where we were from."America,"my hus-

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  • 贺氏英文法专栏

    <正> 本刊第六期综合介绍了《贺氏英文法全书》的内容及篇章结构。从本期起,我们将陆续摘登该书的部分内容,以飨读者。《贺氏英文法全书》用了很大的篇幅介绍英语的动词。其中第五篇第二章详细分析比较了英语中"令人困扰的动词"。本期专栏摘录其中有关 prefer 及 would prefer 的用法与区别。

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  • The Parcel


    <正> A postman goes to a house and knocks on the door.The woman inthe house hears the knock on the door,but she is upstairs.She doesnot come downstairs.She opens an upstairs window and puts herhead out of the window.

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  • Army Ants


    <正> Have you ever wonderedwhich animal is the realking of the jungle? Itcould be the meat-eating armyants of South America,Africa,and Asia.There are over 250kinds of army ants.They havebeen raiding the jungles for 65million years.

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  • Dufferin's Story

    田树;Anne Barry;

    <正> Lord Dufferin,a British diplomat,was the central figureof this story,which has become one of England's classictales.One night during a stay at a friend's country house in Ire-land,Lord Dufferin was restless and could not sleep.He had a

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