• 外刊阅读高频单词精选(七)


    <正> galore[g′l:]a.(in)plenty(LM);abundant,plentiful(used postpositively)(WN-NCD)In Kedah state,traditionally one of Malaysia's poorest,there arenow jobs galore.吉打州曾是马来西亚最贫穷的州之一,现在那儿有充分的就业机会。

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  • Hong Kong Enters a New Era

    <正> The return of Hong Kong to the motherland,after goingthrough a century of vicissitudes,indicates that from nowon,Hong Kong compatriots have become true masters ofthis Chinese land and that Hong Kong has entered a newera of development.—from Jiang Zemin's speech at Hong Kong handover ceremony

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  • People That Matter in Hong Kong



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  • Beijing's Secret Wish List



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  • Believe it or not?

    <正> In the 1929 Rose Bowl,the center on the California teampicked up a fumbled ball.He ran 62 yards for the end zone.Then he was stopped on the one yard line.It was another

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  • Spies in the Xerox Machine

    Dawn Stover;孙军;

    <正> During the dark days of theCold War,when the worldtrembled at the sight of aerialphotos of nuclear missile sitesin Cuba,when secret agentsslipped back and forth throughthe Iron Curtain,and swiftU-2 airplanes flew dangerousintelligence missions,the U-

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  • Back to Life


    <正> Last year,a group of South African researchers claimedto have brought a frozen rat's heart back to life.Theirdiscovery gave new hope to the cryonics movement,which is trying to find ways to preserve human beings sothey can be revived in the future.

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  • Flying Feathers

    Tim Maitland;田华;

    <正> For a sport with origins that date back nearly 2,000years,badminton has been through some rapid changes in1990s.

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  • Looking for a Shelter

    Lan Chun;

    <正> What is the most expensive commodity in Hong Kong?Tenpeople out of ten will give you the same answer:housing.So many couples work day and night throughout theirlives just in order to obtain a flat of their own when they retire.Of course the prices of houses vary within Hong Kong,with

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  • Sounds of Country

    Ruth Whitbread;

    <正> Ask people"what iscountry music?"andyou are likely to get awide variety of answers.Withso many different theoriesabout how the music developedand who the best musiciansare,everyone has their owndefinition of the sound andstyle of country!Country encompasses arange of musical styles from

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  • 未来显示器


    <正> 将来计算机显示器的形状几乎肯定是扁平的,但也许不是采用现在大多数扁平屏幕所用的液晶。液晶显示屏可能被新近出现的称之为场致发射显示的新技术所取代。场致发射显示器的工作原理有一点象一般计算机的监视器和电视机中的阴极射线管,发射电子轰击染色的荧

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  • 父亲的眼睛


    <正> 爸爸去世的那天,我钻进了林子里一片与世隔绝的黑莓灌木丛中。牧师前来寻我,我把脸深深埋在荆棘丛中,一动不动。那时我想,只要这样躲下来,世界就会恢复正常,一切如初。牧师就不会再喊我的名字,爸爸也会回到家里去的。

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  • The Doctor's Heroism


    <正> To kill in order to cure—Official Motto of the Broussais HospitalThe extraordinary caseof Doctor Hallidonhillis soon to be tried inLondon.The facts in the mat-ter are these:On the 20th of last May,the two great waiting rooms ofthe illustrious specialist werethronged with patients,hold-

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  • Virtuoso


    <正> "Sir?"The Maestro continued to play,not looking up from thekeys."Yes,Rollo?""Sir,I was wondering if you would explain this apparatus tome."

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    <正> At a certain moment a doctor will determine that mybrain has ceased to function and that,for all intents andpurposes,my life has stopped.When that happens;do not attempt to instill artificiallife into my body by the use of a machine.And don't

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  • 也谈英语修辞


    <正> 辞格知识是修辞学的重要组成部分,我们可以这样说,有语言就有修辞,那么,什么叫修辞?不同的语言学家对它有各自的看法。陈望道在《修辞学发凡》中说"……往往可以造成超乎寻常文字、寻常方法以至寻常逻辑的新形式,而使语辞呈现出一种动人的魅力。"在修辞上有两种这样的魅力:一种是比较同内容贴切的,其魅力比较浓厚的,叫做辞格,也叫辞藻……。哈罗德·艾伦把

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  • 试谈THE的副词用法


    <正> The不仅用作定冠词,而且还可用作副词。其本身没有比较级相最高级,却可以用在形容词或其他副词比较级和最高级前,形成特定的结构表示特定的含义(见《朗文现代英汉双解词典》词条The),现就其副词用法分述如下:1.与一对形容词或副词的比较级连用,构成"The more…,the more…"结构,表示两事物同时递增、递减或一增一减,相当汉语的"越(愈)……,越(愈)……"结构。

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  • Do you know?


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  • 英文报纸标题的特点


    <正> 读报自然首先看标题(headline)。标题起着吸引读者注意的作用。因此,好的标题一下子就能抓住读者,令其产生不一口气读下去就难以作罢的感觉。另外,标题还有提示文章要点、显示文章内容、美化报纸版面等作用。由于报纸版面有限,编辑会尽量精简标题,尽可能减少字数,选用较短(字母较少)的单词,还利用省略、缩写等方法。因此,对于英语水平一般的许多读者来说,读懂标题就不是一件容易的事。下面简单介绍英文报纸标题的主要特点。

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  • “Be+V-ing”并不表示进行时态——兼谈“Be+Being+adj./n.”的用法


    <正> 先让我们看看大学英语课本里面的两个句子:1)Once I entered college though,I couldn't let the anger pass because Iwas always being reminded that I was a woman,and women shouldn'tstudy science.然而进了大学后,我却怒气难消,因为老有人提醒我,说我是一个女人,而女人就不该研究科学。2)He is always telling lies.他总是撒谎。

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  • 动词have,let,make表示“令、让、使”意义辨析


    <正> have,let,make的用法很多,这里仅分析它们做"令、让、使某人做某事"时的用法特征。1.这三个词有一个相同的用法:动词+宾语+不带to不定式。He let her talk without interrupting.The boss had him run an errand.I made them give me the money back.Let语气最弱,含义是满足宾语做某事的要求,愿望。宾语补语的动作正是宾语所愿意做,想要做或要求做的事。

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  • baby boomer及其它


    <正> baby boomer是指那些生于1946至1965年之间的美国人。之所以称他们为"高峰期出生者"是因为二战后美国军人从海外归来,结婚率和生育率剧增。据统计,在此期间大约有七千八百万人出生。Baby boomers—Americans be-tween the ages of 30 and 50—are America's biggest age group,about 78 mil-lion strong.

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  • 慎用had better


    <正> had better在一般英汉词典及语法书中解释为"最好,最好还是",表示说话者的一种委婉建议,语气听起来并非不友好,因此常常听到中国学生使用它。可是当他们在和外籍教师对话中,如果说"You'd better do this"或"You'd better do that"时,外教要么脸上露出不悦,要么问学生"Are you a teach-er?"或干脆回答"I'd better do nothing!",学生尴尬而且纳闷外教的反应。

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  • Travelling by Air


    <正> 1.Read the passage below and put the statements that follow in theright order,according to the information in the passage.I knew it was going to be a bad day when,on the way to the air-port,the taxi driver told me he was lost.

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  • 贺氏英文法专栏

    <正> 本期专栏摘登了《贺氏英文法全书》第五篇第四章动词的时态中有关will与be going to及现在进行式三者用法异同的比较。

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  • One Against Ten Thousand


    <正> In the early days of Rome,the great city was peaceful andquiet.Of course,there was an army.The soldiers lovedtheir city.And they wanted to protect it.They did notwant to go outside the city walls to fight battles.There wererocky mountains all round Rome.A great river ran near the city.And so the people thought nobody could attack them.

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  • The Spider Wins


    <正> Have you ever watched a spider making its web?Slowly itgoes around in a place like the dark corner of a room.And as it moves,a small thread drops from the spider'sbody.For hours—sometimes even days—the spider works onits web.Round and round the spider goes,leaving that softthread behind.If the thread breaks,the spider starts again with anew thread.

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